District 201Q3, Queensland, Australia

Welcome to the Samford Lions Club in Queensland, Australia

Samford Lions Club was established on the 27th of August 2002.  We are ordinary people doing extraordinary things - supporting people with a disability, community greening, fundraising for worthwhile causes.

Being a Lion offers the opportunity to work closely with like-minded people for the benefit of their local and wider community and in doing so to achieve a unique bond of fellowship with their fellow Lions members and at the same time growing personally and professionally.

Be a part of the change at Samford and help make a difference.              

             Samford Lions Club Meets Twice a Month.

Business Meeting: 1st Thursday of the month.

Where: Samford Community Hub, 2204 Mt Samson Rd, Samford Village 4520.

Time:       6.30 pm for 7 pm.


Dinner Meeting: 3rd Thursday of the month.

Where: Cafe Lagarto (Lifestyle Centre) 225 Mount Glorious Rd, Samford Valley 4520.

Time:     6.30 pm for 7 pm.



Bob Wright​ 



Life Membership:   

Brian Hallinan

Melvin Jones Award:

John Burnham;  Brian Hallinan;  Ross Mazzeo;  John Denyer;  Carmel Mazzeo; Alice Cunningham; Jo Roberts; Coral Hallinan; David Roberts; Belinda Sait; Brian Sait;

James D Richardson Award:

John Denyer; Brian Hallinan; Philippa Denyer; Natalie Bailey; John Burnham; Wendy Chignell;

Professor Ian Frazer Humanitarian Award:

Brian Sait; Ross Mazzeo; Frank Assink; John Denyer; John Burnham; Carmel Mazzeo; Gail Fleming; Stewart Leadbetter;

James McLardie Award:

Alice Cunningham;

ALCCRF The Neil Williams Award:

Bronwyn Rees;

ALF Community Service Award:

Coral Hallinan;

Barry Palmer Fellowship: 

Amanda Davey; 

Lion of the Year:

2013 Craig Corner.

2014 Carmel Mazzeo.

2015 David Roberts.

2016 Catherine Mason

2017 Wayne Fleming

2018 Alice Cunningham

2019 Stewart Leadbetter

2020 Alice Cunningham

2021 David Sheil

Winners of 2016 Happiest Lions Club in Australia

Talk to a SAMFORD Lion.

Humbly and Proudly so
We band together in service
To those who need it more.

We are a " Pride of Lions "
In more than a figure of Speech
Our activities are True Blue Australian
Yet it has a global reach.

We are ordinary people
With an Extra- Ordinary zeal
To help in our community
In any which way we feel.

So if you wish to join us
No big deal...No big fuss
Beside the's a lot of fun.
Talk to one.

By Russell Plunkett

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