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Charity Craft Creators.

A Samford Lions Community Project - aka CCC (triple C)
Twice a month a group of ladies, from Samford and surrounding areas, meet at St Pauls Anglican Church hall, Mt Samson Rd, Samford to enjoy some chatter and a cuppa while creating items for charity organisations.

The major recipient, so far, has been InPlace Inc (Lions Emergency Accommodation Centre) receiving items worth many thousands of dollars. Items sent have included quilts, bed covers, pillowcases, cushion covers, toys and library bags for children, and personal drawstring bags for adults.  Good quality second-hand clothing for children and adults as well as toys have also been sent to LEAC.

It is anticipated that as the "working group" grows, various items can also be made for other organisations and their clients who look forward to receiving handmade items in their time of need. Carmel Mazzeo (facilitator) says “such donations of handmade items are a memorable way of letting those in need know that someone cares about them.”

Everyone is welcome to come along and help (or bring along their own project) and enjoy the company of like-minded sewaholics. Our group currently varies in experience from accomplished sewers, crafters and knitters to learners and all are welcome, as tasks, offered to each person, will be in accordance with their level of experience, as well as free tuition along the way. Some members even take away ‘home-work’, to fill in their spare time, between meetings. Being a Lions project, volunteers are covered by the Lions insurance policy.

We meet twice a month at St Paul's Anglican Church Hall, 12 Mt Samson Rd, Samford.

First Thursday of the month 10 am to  2 pm.

Third Saturday of the month 9 am to 3 pm.

The group will continue to apply for grants for the purchase of much needed items and have already been able to buy sewing machines, overlockers and an embroidery machine,

Donations from organisations and the community would be greatly appreciated.

Cheques may be made out to: Samford Lions Club

Po Box 510 Samford 4520.

Contact: Carmel Mazzeo

P: 0438 723 867


Here is a small selection of items made by the talented volunteers at CCC for LEAC (Lions Emergency Accommodation Centre) during 2014.

32 x cushions; 87 x library bags; 94 personal bags; 57 x pillowcases; 48 x quilts; 39 x crocheted lap rugs; 60 x shorts; 138 x skirts/dresses; 93 x teddy bears; 42 x knitted toys; 28 x clothes; 14 x bunny rugs; 17 x bookmarks; 53 x scarfs; 5 x shopping bags; 141, placemats; 21 x beanies; 3 x bed throws; 24 x bracelets; 22 x easter cards; 29 x assorted/misc; 14 x plastic bag holders.  

And something little for Christmas ! 

46 x tree decorations; 29 x bracelets; 99 x hairclips; 4 x facewasher gifts; 18 x pencil animals; 21 x sheer Christmas bags; 80 x Christmas stockings; 84 x earrings & bags; 12 x wall hangings; 12 x scrunchies; 2 x tutus; 16 x Christmas skirts; 10 x peg dolls.

Refurbishment of Amenities Samford Showgrounds.

Members and friends got together to help with the cleaning and painting of the toilets and showers at the Samford Showgrounds (some parts had not been refurbished since the blocks original construction).

The tiles for the shower area have been kindly donated by Tile City, Stafford together with other materials to complete the job.

Kupidabin Park Samford 

Our club regularly maintains the upkeep of the park.

Since Samford Lions Club was formed in 2002, it has helped the Samford and wider community in a number of ways, including: